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FMI is among the leading plant and machinery insurance specialists in Australia. We provide extensive Farm Equipment and Machinery insurance including Tractors.

We offer tractor insurance policies designed to offer protection to your tractor from any unforeseen loss or damage due to natural calamities, thefts, accidents, fires, etc. Our carefully chalked out comprehensive insurance policy includes coverage for your own losses or damages to let you and your business get covered adequately.

What does tractor Insurance Cost?

Tractor insurance cost depends on the city you are operating in and the type of tractor you have. You also need to consider the level of coverage to arrive at the exact amount. So, it entirely depends on the insurance company you are choosing for getting coverage.
In Australia, farm tractor and motor vehicle insurance coverage usually include farm tractor and motor vehicle for any loss/damage, third party liability property, personal injury loss, and farm tractor breakdown insurance.
It is, therefore, advisable to compare costs and benefits offered by different insurance company service providers to find the best match in accordance with your specific tractor insurance requirements.

Why Tractors need to be Insured

Now, an important question that often pops in your mind is—why should tractors be insured? Well, if you or your business makes use of a tractor or tractors for day-to-day business operations, then you are a good match for buying not less than third-party liability tractor insurance. At least, you will be covered from any damages or losses suffered to any third party due to a tractor used by your business staff.
Also buying tractor insurance is a must to get protection against any unforeseen happenings leading to heavy losses. It will prevent your business from any downtime and will keep it up and going.

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Our expert tractor insurance advisor will get in touch with you to study your business’ insurance requirements and guide you with a suitable policy extending the best benefits.

It really makes sense to get the right insurance coverage. Only then you can focus on your business without feeling stressed about the future.

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