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Machine Breakdown insurance

FMI has made machinery breakdown insurance simpler and affordable for all farm owners. It understands quite well that with change in farms, there has been an accompanied change in risks too.
The business of farming and construction has been and continues to be machinery-intensive. And with the recent introduction of the latest advent of precision farming techniques along with several other sophisticated processes, the vulnerability to breakdown has increased to a great extent.
All this has led to a greater role of a reliable and expert insurance service provider to keep your business functioning uninterruptedly. That’s the reason why at FMI, we have customized and integrated machinery breakdown insurance services to keep the burden off your shoulders.

Why you Need Machinery Breakdown Cover in Business

Do you know why you require machinery breakdown cover in your business? Well, here are some important points to ponder in this regard. When you get machinery breakdown coverage, your insurance service provider pays for different types of losses.
These include any direct physical damage to your equipment having insurance, any lost revenue from any breakdown(covered in the insurance), expenditure to restrict your losses and help you to fast-track the recovery process, and last but not the least is any loss amount of products or materials spoiled as a result of the breakdown of machinery. You could not have asked for better services!

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