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Fast Machinery Insurance (FMI) has been known for its long-standing reputation of top-quality insurance services and customer relations in Australia. With these two fundamental aspects, you can be sure that FMI will be able to deliver the best level of reliability and satisfaction that your company needs.

More particularly, FMI offers insurance policies that are fitting for your bus and coach company. First of all, the unmatched wide coverage that FMI can give guarantees that you can choose as many insurance inclusions as you want.

Coverage includes loss, theft recovery, fire/collision/accidental damage, towing costs, legal liability, and many others. This incredible range of coverage inclusions will give you the full freedom to tailor your insurance policy, specifically to the needs of your bus and coaches.

Coach operator insurance Specialist

FMI takes pride in its experienced specialists that are accessible, friendly, and reliable. And because there specialize in coach operator insurances, you can have the total confidence that they are highly knowledgeable about it, whether it is a shuttle bus, tour bus, private bus, or charter bus. 

If you have anything to ask or clarify to them, you can just call 1800 861 067 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on any day of the week. You can also call the same number to conveniently request your first quote and expect the best and quickest services.

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Bus & Coach Insurance Experts

In terms of pricing, FMI gives the best insurance packages without putting a heavy financial burden on your company, unlike other bus and coach insurance providers. This is because FMI’s focus has always been for the benefit and interest of its clients, thus maintaining a high level of mutual trust in each other. 

As mentioned, FMI tailors your insurance policy based on the needs of your company’s vehicles. In this way, you can be certain that you will only retain the important inclusions and remove unnecessary items. This will maximize the benefit of every cent you’re paying and significantly reduce the cost.

FMI also has underwriting experts that comprehensively assess your company, regardless of the size of your business. This will allow FMI to present you with modified insurance policy choices without putting your company in a precarious situation.